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The National Football League will review the sideline melee that occurred in the Falcons game against the Washington Washington Football Team on Sunday at the Georgia Dome.

“Any altercation of that nature is always reviewed for possible discipline,” Randall Liu, the NFL’s NFC information manager, wrote in an e-mail to the AJC.

The NFL normally issues fines for discipline on Friday.

“I can tell you this, our quarterback was hit late, out of bounds on the sideline,” Falcons coach Mike Smith said Monday. “We were trying to restore order on our sidelines.”

Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall, a former Falcon, contended that he was playing peacemaker and was accosted by several Falcons and the strength coach Jeff Fish and alleged that Smith made “harmful contact” with him.

“Guys, I haven’t even thought about that,” Smith said. “Today is Monday, and we are on to the Carolina Panthers.”

However, Washington coach Jim Zorn in his news conference with the Washington media said he reviewed the sideline tape and thought it supported Hall’s contentions.

Smith would not say if he’d watched tape of the incident.

“I watched the game tape, all phases of the game tape, sometimes two or three times every week,” Smith said. “We are finishing up our work on the Washington Washington Football Team.”

He was asked again if he looked at the tape of the sideline melee.

“No, I just worked like I normally do and watched the tape,” Smith said.

On the play, Washington safety LaRon Landry hit Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan out of bounds. Replays show Landry and Ryan heading back to the field, while Hall ventures into the Falcons bench area.

Bedlam ensued.

Landry and Washington defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who had joined the fracas, were both called for unnecessary roughness.

“I’ve coached for a long time, and I’ve always coached this way, with a lot of enthusiasm,” Smith said. “I want our players to have that same enthusiasm and that same drive.”

The Falcons were given Monday off, but about half of the team reported to the team facilities anyway.

The Hall incident wasn’t on their list of discussion topics.

“We just talked mainly about the game and getting ready for this week,” defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux said.

The older Falcons were not surprised that Hall was in the middle of the melee.

“We all know that’s just D. Hall and he likes to have things going his way like that,” Babineaux said.

The Falcons were not surprised to see Smith taking up for Ryan.

“We know that he’s got that fieriness in him,” Babineaux said. “I’m pretty sure that he wishes he could be out there playing with us.”

Hall did not speak to the Washington media on Monday, but said he’d handle the incident through the players’ union, the NFLPA.

“Smitty felt bad about the cheap shot that Landry got on Matt Ryan,” Babineaux said. “It was a bad play by him. He was just looking out for his player, and somehow it got into an altercation.”

The Falcons were rallying behind their coach after the game and on Monday.

“He was just trying to break it up and make sure that things didn’t get out of hand,” Babineaux said. “We want a coach who is going to stand in there for us and have our back.”

Falcons safety Antoine Harris was in the middle of the dust-up.

“D. Hall, you know he always has something against the Falcons every time he plays us,” Harris said. “It was just a chance to get back out there and just mix it up a little bit.”

Falcons running back Michael Turner was not surprised that Hall was in the middle of the commotion, which started with the Falcons leading 21-3 in the game.

“I know DeAngelo wanted to win this game bad, though,” Turner said. “He wanted to get Atlanta back. But that wasn’t happening.”