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“Dirty Money” girls Dawn and Kalenna recently did a photo shoot in Los Angeles with Miami-based Haitian model Marvin Benaime.

According to reports, Marvin survived the massive earthquake that struck Southern Haiti on January 12.

He was trapped under the heavy rubble with no food to eat or water to drink for nearly four days until he was found by rescuers. After going under medical treatment doctors found out that he had no life threatening injuries. Sadly, Marvin lost a few of his close family members that died from the heavy impacts. Weeks after recovery, Marvin Bienaime flew back to the states (Miami, Florida) where he re-united with his other family members.

During his journey back, Marvin met with Diddy for a one-on-one interview to discuss what happened during the earthquake. From there he was offered a job as a Sean John model.


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