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By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the “Bedrock” remake that features Rasheeda, Diamond, Kandi, Lola Luv and Toya. If you’re wondering what Lil’ Wayne thinks of Toya’s rapping skills, keep reading to find out!

In a recent interview with VIBE Magazine, Toya discusses how she always had an “urge” to rap:

I always had a little urge to rap, but never really wanted to because sometimes it doesn’t come off lady like. Then of course Wayne is a rapper so I thought people would be like, ‘Oh she’s trying to rap because Wayne rap.’ So I was like let me just play around with something.

It’s crazy because now that I did a little bit of that song everybody’s been coming to me like, ‘Oh can we hear something else? Your accent is so cute. You sound so cute rapping.’ I’m like wow.”

She also talked about what Lil’ Wayne thinks about her rapping:

“[Wayne] laughed at me [on the “BedRock remix”]. That’s what men do. They’re never going to tell you you’re good or to keep going with it. You know their slick side.”

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