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In the “Boondocks” episode entitled “Pause,” Granddad is following his dream to become a famous actor and joins the cast of the latest Winston Jerome play “Ma Dukes Finds A Man.”

Ma Dukes of course is a parody of the popular gun-toting, loud-mouthed old woman named Madea created by none other than Tyler Perry. She cusses, she’s been to jail and she’ll put cap in your ass, but she loves Jesus so it’s all good.

Granddad answers the casting call for a “Black leading man 50 and over who must look good shirtless and cannot be allergic to baby oil.”

Riley points out that Granddad will be playing the romantic lead to a man in a dress and schools him on the virtues of “Pause” and “no homo.”

Huey of course is more concerned with the formulaic mind control of Winston Jerome’s plays and breaks down the winning formula.

“The typical Winston Jerome story starts with a beautiful, educated black woman trapped in a marriage to the brown-skinned bald guy from ‘Law & Order,'” says Huey. Eventually she ends up with a shirtless, light-skinned gardener showing her how to love through the strength of Jesus.

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