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From Rap-Up:

Janelle Monáe’s masculine wardrobe, consisting of a black suit, tie, and saddle shoes, has some questioning the Atlanta artists’s sexuality. Music’s newest darling is addressing the rumors.

Since capturing the nation’s attention with her critically-acclaimed album The ArchAndroid, the sci-fi singer has had to face scrutiny about whether she prefers to date men or women, but she won’t give a straight answer.

She tells Rolling Stone,

“The lesbian community has tried to claim me. But I only date androids. Nothing like an android—they don’t cheat on you.”

For those wondering why she chooses to dress the way she does, Monáe has a perfectly good explanation.

“I call it my ‘uniform.’ My mother was a janitor and my father collected trash, so I wear a uniform too.”

She hopes her original look will inspire other women to embrace their individuality.

“I’m trying to open doors for girls who look like myself and have been told they can’t sing about this or that.”

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