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George Floyd Protest in Philadelphia

Source: @JustInMyView / Reach Media

Protests continue to happen all around the world in response to police brutality and the death of George Floyd.

Such protests have arguably led to great improvements in the justice system, causing lawmakers to charge the 4 officers connected to Floyd’s death.

However, the fight is far from being over!

In fact, many are now wondering what’s next in the movement towards social justice reform.

That’s why we are giving you some great organizations you can donate to in order to help the cause.

Here are 6 ways you can continue to fight for social reform long after protests are over.

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6 Local & National Organizations You Can Help In Support of George Floyd Protest  was originally published on

1. Philadelphia Community Bail Fund

Philadelphia Community Bail out aims to end cash bail in the city. The city’s current cash bail system disproportionately continues to affect low-income Americans. Most individuals who cannot afford to post bond are usually faced with accepting a plea deal despite being innocent. 

2. Philadelphia Bail Fund

The Philadelphia Bail Fund assists in bailing out low-income individuals who cannot afford to pay bail. The organization also advocates for those who are indigent by educating policymakers and lobbying for reform.

3. Reclaim Philadelphia

Reclaim Philadelphia endorses and supports policymakers that fight for working class people instead of the 1 percent made up of those super-rich corporations. They also work to gain social justice against structural racism, classism, sexism, and other forms of oppression. 

4. Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project (YASP)

YASP is a youth-led movement geared towards ending youth being trailed and incarcerated as adults. It also provides previously incarcerated youth with programs that helps them creatively express themselves.

5. Black Vision Collective

BLVC is committed to seeing black lives thrive in Minnesota. They are focused on building leadership amongst African Americans in order to eliminate systematic oppression. 

6. National Bail Out

National Bail Out is an African American led organization that seeks to support African Americans to fight against mass incarceration in the courtrooms with its team of abolitionist organizers, lawyers, and activists.