New data shows a racial divide when it comes to how historical events are viewed.

This contradicts Obama's earlier ambition of only having 1,000 troops in Kabul during an address on U.S. military presence in Afghanistan from 2014.

Diggers continue to search for more bodies after a tragic landslide occurred in a Guatemalan city. Authorities say more than 600 lives are unaccounted for after Thursday’s tragedy, and at least 29 have been reported dead. [Reuters] Scientists may have found new use for two drugs already in the market.The drugs, Cyclosporine A and Tacrolimus, […]

Just before escaping NY’s Clinton Correctional Facility, Richard Matt wrote a letter to his daughter. In it, he promised to see her “on the outside,”…

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I’m not sure what’s more exhausting: The invocation of primates when discussing Black people, much less the first Black man to be elected president of the…

As 2010 approaches and the imminent withdrawal of troops from Iraq is near, we switch to what's happening in Afghanistan.

<strong>President Obama</strong> announced the <strong>deployment</strong> of another <strong>30,000 troops</strong> to <strong>Afghanistan</strong> in a Tuesday night <strong>speech</strong> at the <strong>U.S. Military Academy</strong> at <strong>West Point, New York</strong>.<!--more-->

<strong>President Obama</strong> plans to announce <strong>tonight</strong> that he will begin to transition <strong>American forces</strong> out of <strong>Afghanistan</strong> beginning in July <strong>2011</strong>, setting the first time frame to wind down the war there nearly a decade after the United States first sent troops in to topple the <strong>Taliban</strong> government.<!--more-->