“Real Housewives of Atlanta” husband Peter Thomas is in a bit of trouble. After a physical altercation broke out at his sports bar, Sports One, a judge has summoned the business entrepreneur to appear in court. A customer has accused Peter of throwing him across the room because of his want to rent his property […]

Matt Barnes is probably regretting some things now after being suspended from two NBA games because of his fight with Derek Fisher… As reported months ago, Barnes was feeling extra froggy over Fisher’s relationship with Gloria Govan (Barnes estranged wife) and in a fuss, drove over to Govan’s house to put a pounding on Fisher.. Related: […]

Reports claim that a big fight broke out during a recording session for Top Dawg Entertainment’s rap group, Black Hippy. According to WOTSN, Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q got a little physical in the studio… These two have been very close, coming into the hip hop game with a strong bond. Find out what happened […]

Azealia Banks is facing a criminal battery investigation. According to reports, she was kicked out of the Break Room 86 venue in Los Angeles and was  involved in an altercation with a security guard. The Los Angeles Police department has opened an investigation into the case. Read more here… Source: WOTSN

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  As we previously reported Scottie Pippen got into an altercation last month with a drunk fan who allegedly wouldn’t leave Pippen alone at Nobu restaurant in…

Tami Roman received a load of criticism on Twitter and other social media networks for the way she handled an altercation with Kesha Nichols. Tami went OFF on Kesha after Kesha refused to admit she had been talking about Tami behind her back. Here’s what Tami tweeted after the episode aired last night:

50 Cent gives a play by play and shared his side of the Ray J and Fab altercation in Vegasa few nights ago. 50 says he broke up the confrontation. Brandy’s bro swung, but never connected. hmmmmmmmm…..

Ray J has issued an apology of sorts via Twitter for his rant on NYC’s Power 105.1 about his fight with Fabololous. As we previously reported, Brandy’s brother and fab got into an altercation in Las Vegas but both sides have offered different versions of what actually went down. Check out Ray J’s tweet: RELATED: […]

Fabolous called in to Power 105.1 to clear up the situation with him and Ray-J. Ray claimed he “socked” Fab in the face but Fab reassures us that nothing of the sort happened. In fact Fab says the most that did happen was his glasses may have fallen off after he yoked Brandy’s brother up […]

After fighting with Fabolous in a club in Las Vegas, Ray J was kicked out the Palms Hotel by security. Here’s the footage! RELATED POSTS: Fabolous Clears Up Ray J Altercation On The Radio [AUDIO] Ray J Gets Heated Talking About His Fight With Fabolous [AUDIO] Fabolous & Ray J Brawl In Vegas! SOURCE

Life can be a challenge each day.  We all experience various situations throughout our day at home, work and just going along our way.  Being present and not sweating the small stuff is a safe and easy way to avoid making a move that you just might regret.

Jim Jones got really disrespectful with a body guard recently. Click here to see the ugly altercation.