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Someone caught up with Danger while she was walking the streets with a girl she claimed to be her sister, and a man she called her husband. She also announced she's pregnant again. Watch the clip here!

TMZ has learned Danger – one of the stars of the VH1 show “For the Love of Ray J” — is currently being detained by police in an arson investigation after officials responded to a fire in her Hollywood apartment.

Danger is a certified nutcase and if anyone really loves her, they will have her committed. She was being interviewed by Poprah from "I Want To Work For Diddy" at a stand up comedy event for Haiti when things turned ugly. Peep the strange video here.

Danger just can't seem to make up her mind about Ray-J. Click here to read an excerpt from Danger's interview on NexxLegacy BlogTalkRadio show. First she insinuated VH-1 forced her to take back her Ray-J is gay comments. Then she went on to claim he was bi-sexual. Somebody please put this girl in counseling!

This chick is clearly a basket case who needs professional help somewhere. Listen to this interview and let me know what you think about her.

Danger from "For the Love of Ray-J' let some crazy rumors fly when she appeared on an L.A. radio station recently, claiming that Ray-J is really gay and his lover is Nashville rapper Young Buck. Ray-J's big sis, Brandy took to Twitter to respond to Danger's allegations!

"For the Love of Ray J" star Monica Danger has lost custody of her newborn baby -- just weeks after she was placed on a psychiatric hold over an incident involving the child. Read more here.

<strong>Ray J</strong> is back with season 2 of his reality show, <strong>"For the Love of Ray J."</strong> Apparently <strong>Danger</strong> will be one of the contestants again and she is pregnant. Will you watch to see if he is the baby's daddy?<!--more-->