Voter survey shows Ellison leading Perez for DNC chair. But some predict that a consensus candidate could emerge.


He says the Democratic Party needs to be rebuilt from the ground level.

Obama said he wasn't surprised by Trump's ascendance in the presidential race.

The Dreamville crew is set to dominate the South by Southwestfestivities yet again, but this time their head honcho will be on one of the…

While some activists are frustrated with being denied a presidential debate, others are enthusiastic about the town hall's more flexible (and possibly more fruitful) format to address America's racial injustice.

Potential 2020 presidential candidate Kanye West is scheduled to perform songs off of his forthcoming, highly anticipated album SWISH at the Democratic National Committee event…

President Barack Obama will make a rare fund-raising trip to Atlanta next month for the Democratic National Committee and Organizing America, the successor grassroots organization to Obama’s ‘08 campaign effort.