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Trinidad James spoke with VladTV about issues with Charlamagne and Peter Rosenberg among other things. This all stems from controversial comments against New York radio…

Reggie Noble clears up rumors that he is unhappy with his record label Def Jam Records. While he wishes that the label would get back to its days of being “mechanics under the car” he says he’s not mad. He makes some cogent points about artist development and lazy A&R practices, but  Red don’t be […]

In an interview with DJ Vlad, hip-hop's favorite groupie of the moment aka Kat Stacks says she has plans for a reality show and says Lil Wayne is affectionate in bed.

Back in 2008 at the height of Rick Ross' correctional facility officer scandal, DJ Vlad posted reactions from various rappers to Ross' predicament on his website Vlad TV. Vlad ended up suing Rick Ross and now the verdict is in! Click MORE to read the full story.