Eve, DMX, Swizz Beatz, and The Lox hit the Barclays Center for a Ruff Ryders reunion New York City will never forget.

New York rapper DMX hasn’t released new material since earlier this year but recently made an announcement on Twitter suggesting that he is back in the studio recording. Unfortunately, Twitter wasn’t very receptive to DMX’s plans as he asked for “trap beats”. DMX tweeted: “Looking for trap beats. Email iamelbarrio@gmail.com” The tweet was soon deleted and […]


The Urban Dictionary defines ‘Love Child’ as the illegitimate child of two adults conceived in a moment of passion.. . not to be confused with a ‘child of love’ which apparently is the exact opposite.  Here are some celebrities who have a love child or two.

On Saturday, the rapper was spotted enjoying a night out on the town and heading to another club. The only problem was, he could barely walk.

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It seems these days, rapper DMX can't stay on the straight and narrow path

The rapper was released from the hospital on Tuesday after suffering from a near-fatal asthma attack.

It's no secret that DMX has battled drug addiction for some time now, and according to new reports, the Yonkers, New York rapper suffered an overdose late last night.

Just when DMX was about to bless a man with a few dollars, the man opened his mouth and asked for more… While hanging out in NYC Monday night, a panhandler approached X asking for $5. When the rapper pulled out a $20, the man’s needs got higher. X being X was not here for […]

DMX may be back in trouble with the law once again, as the rapper reportedly missed his court date this weekend.