We all have one reason or another behind our love for Ed Sheeran. It could be derived from a deep appreciation for Sheeran’s Ron Weasley-esque facial features,…

After performing her new song “A Place of My Own” in Las Vegas, Alicia Keys brought Jay-Z to the stage to perform “Empire State of Mind.” Check them out performing their New York City anthem in these photos below. RELATED POSTS: Alicia Keys “A Place Of My Own” (Live) [NEW MUSIC] Jay-Z & Kanye West’s […]

Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z is cashing in on his hit single "Empire State of Mind" and his love of the New York Yankees with a new line of clothing with the Bronx Bombers.

Singer Alicia Keys performed live at the 2010 World Cup Soccer Opening Celebration concert in Johannesburg, South Africa. Alicia sang her staple hit “Empire State of Mind." Check it out here!

The <strong>New York Yankees</strong> held their <strong>World Series victory parade</strong> today in Manhattan with <strong>Jay-Z</strong> riding on the same float as slugger <strong>Alex Rodriguez</strong>. Hova capped the parade off with a <strong>performance</strong> of his hit single, <strong>"Empire State of Mind."</strong> <!--more-->

Exclusive video! <strong>Jay-Z</strong> featuring <strong>Alicia Keys</strong>, <strong>"Empire State of Mind."</strong> Let me know what you think! <!--more-->

Check out <strong>Jay-Z</strong> and <strong>Alicia Keys</strong> performing their hit single, <strong>"Empire State of Mind."</strong> The pair performed the song before Game 2 of the <strong>World Series</strong> at <strong>Yankee Stadium</strong> in the Bronx, N.Y.<!--more-->

Fans hoping to see <strong>Jay-Z</strong> and <strong>Alicia Keys</strong> perform at Wednesday's <strong>World Series</strong> opener will have to wait another day.<!--more-->


I know we keep bringing this back up but it is so utterly rediculous and Hilarious in my opinion, watch this video of Beyonce' trying to stop Lil Mama from jumping on the stage <!--more-->