Ericc Adkins

A Boston charter school student, a student at a South African private school trying to take exams, a high schooler in Texas named Deandre Arnold, an elementary student in Seattle, and a New Jersey high school wrestler. RELATED: School Says Teen Can’t Walk For Graduation Unless He Cuts His Locs What do all of these […]

Atlanta is known as the melting pot of the south, but why is Atlanta a great place to live? Most people might say the food or Atlanta is the home of legendary groups like TLC, Xscape, and Outkast. Anybody under the age of 18 would probably say because Atlanta is the home to artist like Future […]

We’ve heard NeNe Leakes say “ I’m cashing Trump checks” but which housewife really gets paid the most for being on the show? Which Atlanta housewife is the richest? A big misconception that I think everyone has , is that reality stars are paid by the episode. Though that may be the case for some shows, […]

Monday, October 2, 2017, the Atlanta City Council passed Ordinance 17- O- 1152, decriminalizing possession offenses of Marijuana up to an ounce, now punishable by a fine of $75. No arrest or criminal record attached. Thousands of Georgia residents are arrested on Marijuana charges every year. Most of these arrest occur within the city of […]