Despite being a fashion trendsetter, Rihanna must really hate clothes. She never has any on. (Not that we’re complaining.) Like on Facebook to stay…

A word to any political pundits looking to get a quote about the Tea Party from Chris Rock, protect your camera! The comedian/actor spazzed on a camera when conservative writer Jason Mattera tried to ensnare Rock with a question about his pointed remarks about the Tea Party in Esquire Magazine. The altercation happened at the […]

Rihanna is Esquire magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive 2011! For her sweaty photo shoot, she got down & dirty (literally), stripping her clothes off completely and covering her parts with only natural leaves. Inside, she (of course) is asked about Chris Brown: “It’s incredible to see how he pulled out of it the way he did. […]

In what would be a stepping stone in his career, ATL’s own Andre 3000 may play famed guitarist Jimi Hendrix in a upcoming independent biopic. The news was divulged from actress Hayley Atwell who told Esquire magazine that she will possibly be working on the project alongside the OutKast member. Previous attempts to bring a […]