Sign Up For Our Newsletter! In this edition of Word On The Streetz Weekly Wrap Up, Mz Shyneka gives the scoop on the porn stay who claims Drake is her baby daddy, Janet Jackson’s upcoming tour, and Donald Trumps Cinco De Mayo fail.

Sign Up For Our Newsletter! In this edition of Word On The Streetz Weekly Wrap Up, Mz Shyneka gives you the latest on Kevin Gates’ possible 10 year prison sentence, R. Kelly’s legal battle with the deputy who claims his wife had an affair with him, and Pharrell being selected as the first male handbag model […]

Well Kim K, tell us how you really feel… We all know she ditched Blac Chyna when Kylie and Tyga became an item! Yes hunny straight shady… but what do you do when its your sister vs bff?? SEE RELATED: Another Jenner/ Kardashian Sex-Tape Surfaces Drop your BFF and all things will be fine right? All the […]


A social butterfly is usually accused of being a “Chatty Cathy” when she doesn’t know when to cut the convo short. If your coworkers are truly busy, they don’t always have time to engage in meaningless chitchat at the water cooler or in the middle of drafting a time-sensitive email. Ask yourself these 3 questions […]

It’s getting really messy over in L.A. For so long now, Kylie and Blac Chyna have been subliminally beefing through social media over Young Money rapper, Tyga… Chyna was and Kylie’s now… Recently things took a twist… It involves more Kardashians and a shady little Lash lady… Their nasty shenanigans are becoming a bit creepy. Read […]

Matt Barnes is probably regretting some things now after being suspended from two NBA games because of his fight with Derek Fisher… As reported months ago, Barnes was feeling extra froggy over Fisher’s relationship with Gloria Govan (Barnes estranged wife) and in a fuss, drove over to Govan’s house to put a pounding on Fisher.. Related: […]

Word on the street izz, Safaree is back on Twitter throwing shots at Nicki Minaj.. The Young Money first lady recently won two awards at the 2015 American Music Awards. But the stunt gang rapper is still waiting for his credit. He went to social media, not to congratulate his ex on her accomplishments, but […]

Mo’nique is perfectly fine with her husband going out and being with other women ONLY IF, one thing happens first… Recently the “Blackbird” actress discussed her views on men using “hall passes” during their marriages. She revealed to True Exclusives that having an “open and honest dialogue” is very important within a marriage; no matter […]

Word on the street izzz, Tameka “Tiny” Harris is pregnant. Her niece may have spilled the beans a little too soon by posting a picture to her snapchat of Kandi and Tiny, claiming both ladies were “pregger.” Tiny, you have some explaining to do!! Read more here… Source: WOTSN

Word on the street izzz, August Alsina has a baby on the way and the mother of the child is not happy… Apparently, a photo the young singer posted to his Instagram upset the woman and she went to her social media to tell her truth. She not only exposes Alsina’s possibility of being the […]

Rick Ross and Lira Galore are back together after rumors circulated about Galore sleeping with rapper Wiz Khalifa… Things got a little messy between the two, but Rozay is ready to have his queen back! See the two together here… Should we expect a wedding soon?!?! Source: WOTSN

Things went down for Throwback Thursday this week! Word on the street izz, Nelly and Loose Cannon Slim were going head-to-head on Instagram, using their ex’s to fire shots. After Nelly felt froggy and posted a photo of himself and Slim’s baby mother, things got serious. Next thing you know folks are telling on their […]