To stay up to date with Mz Shyneka’s Word On The Streetz News click here. Diddy To Play Lead Role In King Of New York Remake The King of “Take That, Take That” is teaming up with Oscar Winner Brian Grazer for the remake of Abel Ferrera’s gangsta classic “King of New York” . Page […]

To stay up to date with Mz Shyneka’s Word On The Streetz News click here. Kerry Washington is Pregnant!!!! It has finally been confirmed, we called it earlier this month that Kerry Washington was pregnant with her first child and now it has been confrimed with US Weekly.  Sources say:  ”She’s about four months along,” a pal tells […]

To stay up to date with Mz Shyneka’s Word On The Streetz News click here. R. Kelly Sends Stunt Double to Perform in Concert   Furious R. Kelly fans claim a stunt double took the stage instead of the real thing at a recent concert in Louisiana…   According to reports R. Kelly fans in Monroe, […]

Just last week Beyonce shared pictures of her Bungee jumping off of the Auckland Sky Tower and now a video has surfaced. She shows no signs of fear as she looks over the ledge, screaming as she plunges to 192 meters (630 feet) with only a cable supporting her.

Superstar singer Rihanna was asked to leave the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque after taking several pictures and didn’t have permission for the photo shoot. Rihanna posed for a series of pictures that staff said did not ‘conform to conditions’ put in place to protect the sanctuary of the religious monument. Rihanna even dressed head-to-toe in a hooded black jumpsuit she has managed to provoke […]

Well it’s not the VMA’s or Grammy’s, but performing at the Paper Mache awards is good, right? Ciara performed at the 9th Annual Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards at Marquee. Ciara is seen wearing a leather outfit and a plaid shirt tied conspicuously around her waist — as if to conceal her growing baby bump! That […]

On December 8th Nelson Mandela’s funeral service was held. Many came to pay their respects to the South African President. Critics were saying, “The World is coming to South Africa.”, because of the multitudes of people coming to see the icon for the last time. From the radio, television, and newspapers Nelson Mandela made headlines. […]

It seems as though Jason Collins might not be the only NBA athlete coming out of the closet this year- that is if Tim Duncan’s…

Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you. ~Spanish Proverb Be careful who you share your secrets with because not everyone is looking out for your best interest. Choose wisely and pay attention, most of the time people will reveal their true intentions. If someone is quick to gossip to you, there’s a good chance […]

In the words of my boss, the internet has no chill. Former “Flavor of Love” winner and model London “Deelishis” Charles went off on her…

Apparently when people come into contact with celebrities, they give them great service and expected to be paid big bucks ……WHY? Because they think celebrities are always loaded with cash and should give unselfishly right? Well, WRONG! According to MediaTakeOut.com… a person who works here in Atlanta airport kept tabs on the celebs that were […]

Tupac Shukar Mini-Series Coming Soon….according to Quincy Jones III, close friend of Tupac Shakur, will be releasing a mini TV Series on the hip hop legend, focusing on Pac’s many personalities! One of the first episodes will be on the friendship between Pac and Biggie! “If you look at Tupac’s life, he was a politician, […]