Donald Trump wins the White House. He comes to power riding high on a wave of White working-class anger at politicians.

Donald Trump has been elected as the 45th President of the United States. The electoral votes totaled with Trump at 288 and Hillary Clinton at 215 votes. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Although Clinton did not address her supporters, CNN announced that she made a phone call to Trump just before 3 a.m. to concede the election […]


See below the final numbers for our Senate election and state issues. General Presidential Election For Georgia HIGHLIGHTS Donald Trump (R) won Georgia in the general election. In 2016, Georgia had 16 electoral votes, which was 3 percent of the 538 electoral votes up for grabs and 6 percent of the 270 electoral votes needed to […]

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It’s game time! Polls are starting to close around the country and results are rolling in. One thing is certain — this election is nail-bitingly close. With so much at stake, no amount of information is too much. So here’s what we know so far. Keep hitting refresh for the latest: So far the Electoral […]

Hillary Clinton took some time to chat with Rickey Smiley! She explains how she intends to address the problem of police brutality and the inequalities of the criminal justice system. “It’s a fact,” she says, that systematic racism plagues our society and the criminal justice system. She also speaks to those who might be sitting […]

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If elected president, will Hillary Clinton face an anti-woman backlash similar to the racist backlash Pres. Obama faced?

After an undoubtedly interesting election, tonight — November 8, 2016 — we find out who will become our next president. Will it be Trump? Will it be Hillary? Will it be a third party? The election results will broadcast live on ABC, CBS, CNBC CNN, Fox, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC, PBS NewsHour, and Univision. Not going to […]


The HuffPost forecast model shows Clinton has a 98.2 percent chance of becoming the nation’s next president and will likely win with 323 electoral votes.