If Your Wife / Husband Had a Side Baby – Should You Stay? What Should You Do if Someone Shares Dangerous Thoughts??? #ReecQOTD  #PrayForCleveland Question – Did You Ever Actually See Your Grandma Buy Those Hard Candies??? #ReecQOTD #Easter Edition Should You Tell a Friend They Have a Drug Problem if You Know They Will […]

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  POWER is Back in Full Effect! We caught up with DRE aka Rotimi! Reec of Hot 107.9 exclusive interview. The Power star shares with Reec how long he has been acting and what we can expect from him next. RELATED: ‘Power’ Recap: Lobos Means Business About Wanting Tommy To Get Rid Of Ghost Sign […]

ZEEK of the world famous Universoul Circus & Social Media Sensation LaLa (@lalasizahands89) join Reec for an interview to remember!!! Video Footage Courtesy of http://www.STFUcomedy.com  

MAINO is Back! Showing Why He Goes "Harder Than Them"

Word on the street izzzz, Lala Anthony has been involving in extracurricular activities with another woman’s man….ahem!! another woman’s husband. This may all just be NONSENSE, but the way this woman set things up; thangs just got real… Click here to read her post on IG!