The former talk show host filed a $5 million dollar defamation lawsuit against the Irish singer.

An openly gay preacher in Austin, Tex. ordered a cake from Whole Foods, but upon returning to his car, was shocked to see what was written on the dessert.

It seems as if the Kesha saga grows more and more complicated by the day.

Jas Prince wants the money he's owed for discovering Drake, and he's trying new methods to get it.

Kesha wants out of her contract with Dr. Luke and thinks he's a horrible person. So horrible that she called him this generation's Bill Cosby.

Future got hit with a $15 million lawsuit from his baby's mother Ciara for allegedly trashing her career.

Ciara is taking action against her son’s father Future for all of his public fits over their co-parenting agreement. Ever since the two broke apart, Ciara later moving on with Russell Wilson, things have been very bitter between the parents. The rapper’s allegations about Ciara withholding his son and interviews about their relationship has her heated. She […]

David Lowery has become one of Spotify's most outspoken critics and now, he's ready for the music streaming service to pay up.