Kasim Reed won the Atlanta mayor's race by 714 votes, a recount of the Dec. 1 runoff results showed Wednesday.

Atlanta mayoral hopeful Mary Norwood has filed a request with the Fulton County Registrations and Elections office calling for a recount of the Dec.1 vote that presumably saw Kasim Reed elected mayor.

An elections board has certified Kasim Reed as the winner of the Atlanta mayoral runoff election by a margin of 620 votes, although Mary Norwood is expected to request a runoff.

Kasim Reed maintained his close lead over Mary Norwood in the Atlanta mayor's race after a count of provisional ballots by Fulton County officials Thursday evening. Reed now leads Norwood by 0.84 percent or 715 votes out of the 84,383 ballots cast in the election.

As <strong>Kasim Reed</strong> began making plans Wednesday for his first term as <strong>Atlanta's mayor</strong>, opponent <strong>Mary Norwood</strong> still had not conceded defeat and requested a <strong>recount</strong>.<!--more-->

<strong>Rickey Smiley</strong> interviewed <strong>mayoral candidate Mary Norwood</strong> this morning. Find out what she would do for the city if elected the next mayor of Atlanta.<!--more-->

<strong>Atlanta mayoral</strong> hopefuls <strong>Mary Norwood</strong> and <strong>Kasim Reed</strong> attacked each other's records Sunday night during their final <strong>debate</strong> before <strong>Tuesday's runoff election</strong>.<!--more-->

<strong>Atlanta mayoral candidates Mary Norwood</strong> and <strong>Kasim Reed</strong> dueled Sunday over <strong>endorsements, water meter lids, property taxes</strong> and whether or not to extend the city's <strong>nightclub and bar hours</strong>. The two will face each other in a <strong>runoff</strong> on <strong>December 1</strong>.<!--more-->

<strong>Early voting</strong> in <strong>Fulton</strong> and <strong>DeKalb</strong> starts <strong>Wednesday, November 18</strong> and continues until <strong>November 20</strong>. <strong>Advanced Voting</strong>, which will include more voting locations, starts next <strong>Monday, November 23</strong> until <strong>November 25</strong>. For a list of <strong>county offices</strong> where you can <strong>vote</strong>, click below.<!--more-->

<strong>Atlanta City Council President Lisa Borders</strong> endorsed <strong>Kasim Reed</strong> for mayor Wednesday, saying he was the best candidate to improve the city's finances. Reed, a former state lawmaker, is in a <strong>Dec. 1 runoff</strong> with <strong>Councilwoman Mary Norwood</strong>.<!--more-->

The path to victory for <strong>Atlanta’s next mayor</strong> is clear, even if the candidates don’t want to say it. It’s about <strong>race</strong>. Candidates <strong>Kasim Reed</strong> and <strong>Mary Norwood</strong> will face each other in a runoff on <strong>December 1</strong>. <!--more-->

Atlanta has one more month and one more election to go before it chooses <strong>the city’s next mayor</strong>: <strong>Councilwoman Mary Norwood</strong> and <strong>former state Sen. Kasim Reed</strong> will face each other in a <strong>runoff Dec. 1</strong>.<!--more-->