Many a Hollywood entity has been accused of stealing ideas and core concepts for films from aspiring writers in the past, but they haven’t been…

Will Smith has the best movie trailer ever worth $2.5 Million! When you think of actors on set of movies most think of dressing rooms. Not Will Smith he has a 2 story trailer worth $2.5 Million. This trailer has all the amenities that a house would have but the luxurious style of this trailer […]

Will Smith made headlines recently when video surfaced of him slapping a reporter who tried to kiss him at the red carpet premiere of Men In Black III in Moscow. Hip Hollywood talked exclusively with the Ukrainian reporter who was smacked, and he’s apologizing to Will Smith. Vitalii Sediuk revealed what his motivation was behind […]

The internet was buzzing when a video surfaced of Will Smith smacking a reporter who tried to kiss him on the lips. Some thought it was funny, some thought it was mean. Either way, Will Smith told Jay Leno that he’s not sorry for the red carpet slap. Will tells Jay, “We’re doing an interview […]

Will Smith is in the Ukraine promoting Men In Black 3 and ran into an overly aggressive reporter who tried to kiss him, and it was all caught on tape! Will shoved the reporter and slapped him across the face before laughing off the incident and continuing to walk the red carpet. Apparently the reporter […]

Forget all the rumors about the end of Will Smith’s marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith, because the 3rd edition of his hit franchise Men In Black 3 is coming out in 2012! The official release date is May 25th, and Smith will be reunited with Tommy Lee Jones. Find out more about Men In Black […]

Will Smith is filming Men In Black 3 in New York City but his biggest fight so far isn’t with any aliens. The megastar has imported a trailer to match his bank account that has residents and business owners of the Soho neighborhood screaming “your house is too damn high!” To call the mobile living […]