“A person who aims at nothing is sure to hit it.” – Zig Ziglar Remember, people with goals succeed because they know where they want to go. Don’t start a journey without knowing your destination. Identify your goals, write them down and develop a plan to see them through!

“There is always room at the top.” – Daniel Webster One person’s success doesn’t mean there’s less for you. In fact, seeing someone else succeed should motivate you because it is proof that you can be successful too. Remember, you’re a reflection of the company you keep, if you surround yourself with winners, you’ll eventually […]

Every now and then we all need to be reminded that certain things that come fast won’t last. This applies to your career, your relationships, your friendships and almost every aspect of life. Recently, Legendary Actress Jenifer Lewis gave a speech while promoting the film “Baggage Claim” that put this reminder in the nicest way possible. Check […]

T.I. brought out Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne at Birthday Bash and the two performed their smash hit “Motivation!” Plus watch Kelly in this exclusive interview talk music, dating Trey Songz and more! RELATED: T.I. Brings Out Usher, Kelly Rowland, Nelly & More At Birthday Bash [EXCLUSIVE] Diamond & Lil Jon Rip The A Town […]

Do not be wise in words – be wise in deeds. ~Jewish Proverb Are you staring or stepping up the stairs? “Fuzzy feelings” from words of inspiration aren’t enough to be successful. All talk and no action is like having a winning hand and not knowing how to play it. You must turn your motivation […]

“You get in life what you give out.  If you want the world to celebrate your success, you have to celebrate the success of the world.  And use others’ success as motivation and inspiration to go after your dreams.” – LL Cool J It’s so easy to silently “hate” on someone. For some, it is […]

If you want to live in the overflow of God’s blessings, you have to have an attitude to receive the overflow – Nicole Sellers Your attitude will determine your outcome. With doubt comes delay and negative thinking will prevent you from receiving your blessings. You get what you expect. The better the attitude, the bigger […]

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.  ~Will Rogers The “secrets to success” will not work unless you do. Desire is what gets you started, but drive and determination is what keeps you going. Your dream will not become a reality until you WAKE up and […]

Do not complain about what you permit – Anon If you have time to complain, then you have time to FIX the thing you’re complaining about. Our problem is that we fuss about what’s going wrong but don’t take ACTION to make things better.  A “woe is me” attitude will not help you progress. If […]

Turn your wounds into wisdom. ~Oprah Winfrey Everyone will experience obstacles in life. The difference between those who fail and those who succeed is how they respond to those obstacles. You can complain and continue to suffer, or you can get up and make the most of the situation. You cannot control other people’s actions, […]

Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die – Anon If you refuse to forgive your enemies, you allow their evil to live in your heart. Forgiveness breaks down the blocks of bitterness and allows you to move on. When you hold on to resentment, the one who suffers most […]