We all know the president likes to tweet. But his Twitter fingers were surprisingly silent Sunday night as Black, Muslim and queer citizens disproved his warped view of American greatness at the Academy Awards. A Steve Harvey-esque mix-up brought the cast and crews of Best Picture competitors, La La Land and Moonlight onto the […]

“We do not wear a hijab and go running in the streets, shame on Nike.”

An Amtrak train heading to Washington, D.C, crashed, killing two passengers and injuring several others, plus more

Muhammed Ali isn't here for Donald Trump's discrimination of Muslims.

The statement, which Trump posted following a tweet that called out what he believes to be the "extraordinary influx of hatred and danger coming into our country" -- states the ban should be in place until "our country's representatives can figure out what's going on."

Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim high school student who alarmed teachers for making a clock thought to be a bomb, will not be charged.

Chapel Hill shooting suspect Craig Stephen Hicks has been indicted for the Feb. 10 murders of three Muslim student. On Monday Hicks was charged with…

It was unanimous across the Internet that CNN’s Don Lemon was a total wreck of a reporter for most of 2014 and basically in life. A…

After years of watching Muslims portrayed as terrorists in mainstream TV and movies, an advocacy group hopes to change that image by grooming a crop of aspiring Muslim screenwriters who can bring their stories – and perspective – to Hollywood.