When you get involved with a married man, chances are, you’ll lose him the same way you got him. According to sources close to Fantasia, it appears she is learning this lesson.

A “family insider” tells Radar Online that Fantasia’s boyfriend and the alleged father of her second child, Antwaun Cook, regrets leaving his estranged wife, Paula Cook, and is ready to go back home. And it seems that while Paula may be hurt, she might be ready to forgive and move forward. On their reunion, the […]

Looks like Fantasia is not in the clear in the lawsuit that was filed against her by Paula Cook for sleeping with her husband. Click here for details.

Days after Fantasia's sex tape scandal broke, the singer is now denying that she broke up her boyfriend's marriage. Fantasia says she is “not responsible” for breaking up Antwaun and Paula Cook’s marriage and God will help her through the drama.

The American Idol star may be more infamous than famous if her boyfriend's soon to be ex-wife has anything to do with it! Click here for details!