Did Premadonna finally squash the beef with Joseline Hernandez? Find out above in this exclusive interview with Mz Shyneka. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! If you missed part 1 click here.

Waist Gang CEO PreMadonna and her husband Buck are the newest couple to join hit reality show “Marriage Bootcamp” and she shares with Mz Shyneka how the show has helped her relationship. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! We also find out details about their new business ventures, plus her hubby reveals why it took so long […]

Waist Gang CEO Premadonna shares with ET from The Durtty Boyz how she is able to deflect her haters at this year’s Birthday Bash ATL… Sign Up For Our Newsletter! See More Birthday Bash ATL Coverage Here

In part 2 of The Durtty Boyz interview, Premadonna subtly confirms that she is in fact a cast mate on the highly anticipated Love and Hip Hop: Miami  and clears up any rumors that she and rapper Trina have beef. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! If you missed part 1 with her clapping back on Joseline Hernandez […]

Businesswoman and reality castmate Premadonna was on The Durtty Boyz Show (video above) to discuss beef with Joseline Hernandez after Joseline posted a video (seen below) throwing shade on women who wear waist trainers, encouraging them to workout instead. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGcdsEVKPB6/ Premadonna took it personal and posted the below video showing Joseline showing her support for waist trainers and the Waist Gang […]