Not only is Bow Wow trying to tell the Migos what The Dab means, but now a dance crew in St. Louis claims they created the popular dance… REALLY.. Recent: #DAB Controversy: Shad “Bow Wow” Moss Explains What It Means To Dab [WATCH] Clearly, the Migos have caused a big stir about Dabbing and everyone […]

Rick Ross and Chris Brown have dropped their new single titled, “Sorry.” The video features Lira Galore as the leading lady, showing a little of her acting skills! Sorry has a interesting plot, with a big twist at the end. Watch the full video here… Source: WOTSN

50 Cent has been super, duper petty for a long time now… The hip hop mogul was involved in some shenanigans over the weekend, he even called out Meek Mill on stage during a performance… He made fun of the Philly rapper’s position during the rap disagreement and compared their beef to a school yard fight… […]

Remember when rap music wasn’t good for you? Like, when a bunch of politicians used to ostracize those who bumped anything that wasn’t deemed morally acceptable? Well, times have changed – kind of. In hopes of reducing smoking among young teenagers between the ages of 12-17, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is using hip-hop to […]

My Hip-Hop education has been more valuable in many ways than my formal education. And here are 10 reasons why...

Ty Dolla $ign is dressed to impress in his latest visual. But the Reservoir Dogs-themed “Only Right” video not only features Ty cleaning up nice –…

America loves a good singing competition. American Idol, The X Factor, and The Voice are all top ratings earners for their respective television networks.  While we all love a good pop star reality competition, where’s the love for the hip-hop heads? Hood Riot Music Inc. has got you covered. Hood Riot Music Inc. is giving […]