Let's just say, everyone who eats the burger gets a special treat afterwards, and not in the way you'd think.

Over 2 million pounds of Oscar Mayer turkey bacon have been recalled after consumer complaints started piling up.

Kraft has recalled 36,000 cases of its popular Singles American and White American cheese after several people reported choking on the product, NBC News reports. “A piece…

Hundreds of people have gotten sick from eating eggs contaminated with salmonella. Initially, 228 million eggs were recalled last week by the company, Wright County Egg of Galt, Iowa. Now that number has jumped to about 380 million eggs.

Perdue Farms is recalling nearly 92,000 pounds of chicken nuggets because of concern that a small number of them may contain pieces of plastic. The nuggets are sold under the Great Value brand in Walmart stores in the United States.

Campbell Soup Co. is recalling nearly 15 million pounds of canned SpaghettiOs with meatballs because of possible under-processing, the U.S. agriculture department said.

The Kroger Co. is recalling some of its own branded ice cream because it may contain an allergen that could kill people who are allergic to tree nuts. Click here for details.

About 12 million "Shrek"-themed drinking glasses sold nationwide at McDonald's are being recalled because the painted designs contain cadmium, a known carcinogen that can also cause bone softening and severe kidney problems.

Health officials are recalling hundreds of thousands of doses of swine flu vaccine after tests indicated they may not be potent enough to protect against the virus.