Dave pokes fun at the election, saying America "elected an Internet troll" for President

The actor-turned-rapper jokes about constantly becoming a meme and performs his two hits "One Dance" and "Hype"

It became apparent why Drake shaved his beard last week, after a successful appearance on Saturday Night Live.

She also looked incredibly into the music, choosing to stand instead of seated in front of a piano.

Drake will be making his SNL return on Saturday, May 14th.

While fans are still recovering from the shocking loss of the iconic musician, many have stepped up to honor him through performance.

A snippet of Kanye's apparent tantrum leaked on the Internet -- what a surprise, right?

Kanye is still going off on Twitter and the inevitable meltdown reports have commenced.

The rapper finally released an album and simultaneously revealed personal issues relating to his money.

For the first time ever, White Americans realize Beyoncé is a Black woman and the reaction in this trailer is too funny.