Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) The very beginnings of the SCLC can be traced back to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The Montgomery Bus Boycott began on December 5, 1955 after Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on the bus. The boycott lasted for 381 days and […]

Reverend Samuel Mosteller, longtime president of the Georgia Southern Christian Leadership Conference (which was founded by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) said that Black families…

Evelyn Lowery, the wife of civil rights leader Joseph E. Lowery, has died. She passed away overnight in her Atlanta home. She was 88. As we previously reported, Lowery suffered a stroke on September 18 and had been hospitalized for a week. She left the hospital and returned home on Wednesday after doctors told the […]

Two weeks to the day after he entered Emory University Hospital Midtown with a blood clot in the lung, civil rights icon the Rev. Joseph Lowery was released. Lowery, 88, entered the hospital Jan. 30 complaining of shortness of breath.

Famed civil rights leader and Atlanta legend Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery has been admitted to a hospital intensive care unit, but friends say his condition is not serious. Click here for details.