It turns out that a sexual climax, while not essential for a good sex life, is more than just a toe-curling release; it’s also pretty healthy.


It’s a question as old as time: Does penis size really matter? The answer is complicated and and usually has more to do with a man’s perception of himself than what women think. Here’s the reality. A study of more than 52,000 men and women and reported in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity […]

When she was first diagnosed with HIV, Vuyiseka Dubula was just an impoverished, 22-year-old Black woman living in a Cape Town township who couldn't afford her own medication. Now she's one of Africa's most fearless warriors in the fight against HIV. Here's her story.

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When it starts getting cold the bachelors and bachelorettes supposedly couple up. This phenomenon has been called cuffing season is defined as a period during…

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Cheaper versions of the most popular form of emergency contraceptive pills have been made more accessible, thanks to the government. The Food and Drug administration…

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  Many intimate encounters begin with some simple questions. “Tell me what your interests are, who you be wit,” as the late Notorious B.I.G once…

The internets were roaring this weekend as news released of Big Boi’s drug arrest in Miami. Amongst his collection of illegal substances was viagara, which is a controlled substance. While folks on my social networks were busy cracking jokes about Big Boi’s pill popping, I know somewhere out in the world there were men who […]