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  TMZ is reporting that Scottie Pippen attacked a fan in Malibu this weekend but that it was in self-defense and only after the man called him the…


Tameka Raymond had her chance to respond to Usher’s “Next Chapter” interview with Oprah. During a 3-part interview with Nancy O’Dell of Entertainment Tonight, Tameka discusses her marriage with Usher, the death of her son Kile, and her “interactions” with Usher’s new girlfriend, Grace Miguel. When asked about the “spitting” allegations, Tameka nodded her head […]

Game is back to acting like his erratic old self. He was filmed spitting on a group of female fans, while partying at a club in Australia’s Gold Coast last month and the video is now making its rounds. In the video, which was taken on February 16, Game is seen standing with his entourage […]

Bad Girl/ Sex Kitten Catya spit on her roommate's boyfriend for not buying her a drink on the latest episode of The Bad Girls Club. Not only did she spit on him, she tried to "sock" him in the face!