Its Flashback Friday, the Kingdom Crew Birthday Bash edition. Its one day left to Birthday Bash and we just want to give you a flashback of how hype Atlanta gets for Birthday Bash.   Birthday Bash 2007 Birthday Bash 6 Birthday Bash 17   Birthday Bash 7 @ Lakewood Birthday Bash  

The Kingdom Crew Throwback Thursday. There is no throwback is you cant look back and enjoy the times you had. Check out throwback photos of Emperor Searcy, Mz Shyneka and Mister Smith. A certified laugh is definitely in order for the crew check out there photos! Emperor Searcy Mister Smith Mz Shyneka Can’t get enough […]

To stay up to date with Mz Shyneka’s Word On The Streetz News click here. Drake and Kanye were partying together last night in Toronto and it was so good to see Kanye smiling and happy…  They both appeared on stage together at the Hoxton nightclub in Toronto afterwards. The clip shows Kanye hanging on the ceiling over […]

Talk about a Christmas miracle! Man Crashed Truck & Is Ejected Over OverPass and survives. Check out the story below, he was destined to see this Christmas.     In what is being described as a “Christmas miracle,” a Massachusetts man survived a car accident that flung him off an overpass 50 feet high. According to local […]

Its the Holiday season and the crooks are out! I want to help you prevent online order scams! I definitely love shopping online for its convenience but not everyone is out to do right by. The increasing amount of scams of online orders thru bidding sites have sky rocketed. To be on the safe side […]

To stay up to date with Mz Shyneka’s Word On The Streetz News click here. There will be a third installment of the movie “Best Man” Morris Chestnut confirmed to Hot 93.7 in Connecticut that a third Best Man film is on the way. “As of right now, Malcom Lee, the writer/ director, is writing another [Best Man],” he told DJ […]

Friday is Oh Hell Naw day, a day where you can look back at your week and name all the hell nawls you had! I’ve been searching the internet like crazy this week and ran across a Christmas tree prank done by a high school media department. Check it out! Be careful during your next […]

Kandi Burruss fires back at Kenya Moore by posting on Instagram last night. Kenya made comments on Real Housewives Of Atlanta about Kandi eating too much and she could skip a meal. We all know the South like them thick and Kandi is definitely thick in the right places. We sense a little SHADE from […]

To stay up to date with Mz Shyneka’s Word On The Streetz News click here. After months of rumors Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie has an official release date… Back in 2009 Lil Boosie was jailed for probation violations after pleading guilty to marijuana possession charges . Since then there have been many rumored release dates since […]

This has to be the craziest story I have seen today! A Texas man  robs a bank and then run to his apartments leaving a trail of cash. Not only did he run back to his apartments to muniutes later get robbed in the midst of his roommate warning the police. He has to be […]

Well there is one Real Housewife in Atlanta who is in the Christmas spirit. Singer, songwriter, actress, TV personality, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Kandi Burruss, is definitely showing her love for the holidays this season with her brand new single, So Ready for Christmas. The single, exclusively available on ITunes, was released yesterday and met with rave reviews.  All […]

Searcy’s trendin topic today is regifting. Some may say regifting is tacky but what happens when it goes unnoticed. Im sure it rules to regifting and the best part is you are saving money. I found a few questions that you mak ask yourself before regifting. check it out! Is the gift regiftable?  Never regift handmade […]