Adrien Broner has been involved in an altercation where he is accused of grabbing a woman, Tommie gets into a fight at Lenox Mall with a store employee, Cardi B is rumored to be pregnant, and Black Panther opens in theaters today!

One of the most dramatic stars of the VH1 show, Tommie Lee, recently found herself in hot water with the law again.

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Loose ends are tied up on part two of 'Love and Hip-Hop: Exposed and Uncensored.' Joseline and Stevie apologize to each other, but it's short-lived, and more.

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Stevie is finally admitting that he and Joseline weren't really married meanwhile, Joseline wants to set up a threesome with Tommie.

Tommie from LHHATL stopped through The Durtty Boyz Show earlier this week and confirmed a few things for us…1: she does realize she is crazy or “passionate” as she says, and that her biggest problem is handle her anger issues. 2: we think she just admitted that her and Joseline Hernandez had a romp session and the Puerto Rican Princess gave her […]

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Ish hits the fan when Tommie finds the receipt from Karlie Redd and Scrapp's freaky weekend hotel rendezvous.

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Stevie J serves as Scrapp DeLeon's voice of reason, Tommie and Tiarra just can't stop fighting, and more.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tia Becca stopped by to give us the Word On The Streetz News about her beef with Tommie, her business ventures and light skinned vs. dark skinned controversy. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! On her beef with Tommie and Scrap Deleon’s mom, Karen King, she compares herself to Jesus and reminds how […]