LeBron James is apparently a fan of Trinidad James’ hit “All Gold Everything.” In a recent pregame warmup, the Miami Heat All-Star can be seen rapping along to one of the song’s most catchy lines, “popped a molly, I’m sweatin’! WOOO!” We have no idea why this video is almost 5 minutes long, but check […]

As Trinidad Jame$ continues to enjoy his random rise in rap, he opens up to VIBE magazine about his dream collaborations. “I really wanna work with Adele. She been dope forever and I feel like if I had a chance to do some music with her, it’ll be good but that’s just my opinion,” James […]

According to Billboard.com Atlanta-based rapper Trinidad James has signed a deal with hip hop powerhouse Def Jam Records. The clothing store owner turned rapper has flipped his 10-month long music career into a major label deal, thanks to his hit record, “All Gold Everything.” “We’re excited to welcome a young talent like Trinidad James to […]

Popular song by Atlanta’s Trinidad James has a spoof. It’s called “All Ashy Everything”, watch below: Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee! Don’t Believe Me Just Watch: bit.ly/RvavtS RT! — Hot 1079 Atl Hip Hop (@hot1079atl) December 3, 2012 Related: Trinidad James On His Style: “I Didn’t Wanna Be Associated With Everybody” [EXCLUSIVE]

Up and coming ATL rapper Trinidad James has been making so much noise with his single “All Gold Everything” that he’s got everyone from Diddy to Rick Ross trying to sign him. In this exclusive interview with Hoodrich Radio and Hot 107.9’s DJ Scream, Trinidad breaks down his unique style and explains why he’s in […]