twerk team

Member of the Twerk Team, Betty Butt, was shot and killed in a robbery in Atlanta on Wednesday (November 12). She was shot in the head…

If you need any more proof that twerking has gone international, here’s your evidence. A video has surfaced of Asian girls twerking to classical music! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Check it out below! RELATED: White Girls Choreograph Twerking! [VIDEO] Girls are Twerking in Russia Now! [VIDEO] Victoria’s Secret Models Secret Twerk Session Backstage at […]

Twerking has officially gone international! A Russian girl posted a video of herself twerking in what looks like a dance studio, and the Russian has actually got some moves! Check it out: RELATED: Victoria’s Secret Models Secret Twerk Session Backstage at Fashion Show [VIDEO] White Girls Choreograph Twerking! [VIDEO] Twerkers Gone Wild! Woman Twerks at […]

The lovely ladies of DHQ Fraules Dance Studios are to be commended for their twerking abilities! Check out this video of the dance studio choreographing twerking! RELATED: Twerkers Gone Wild! Woman Twerks at Walmart! [VIDEO] Robin Thicke Throws Miley Cyrus Under The Bus During Oprah Interview: ‘Listen, I’m The Twerkee’ Rihanna Twerks For Her Life […]

Move over Miley Cyrus, there is a new Twerk team in town. Female members of the Isreali Defense Force have been posting photos and videos of themselves turning the Holy Land into a strip club. According to the NY Daily News, scantily clad members of the IDF turned their rifles into stripper poles and filmed […]

Dozens of San Diego high school students found themselves in serious trouble after appearing in a twerking video that went viral amongst the student population. The video led to the suspension of 33 students. In addition to being suspended, the students are banned from prom and graduation at Scripps Ranch High School. Not only were […]

Some women will just twerk anywhere. We found this video of a woman named Caramel Kitten twerking hard at Walmart! Check out the video below and watch her twerk in front of cakes, ice cream…even fish! RELATED: Grandma Twerks at Stonecrest Mall [VIDEO] RELATED: Grandma Twerks at Stonecrest Mall [VIDEO] Lloyd Judges A “Twerk Off” […]