The Buzz across the nation was that The King, T.I and his ride or die Tiny, were getting married this weekend. And yes people,  IT IS OFFICIAL!

T.I and Tiny got hitched in Miami yesterday! *grabs tissue and wipe tears* I am so happy for the couple! Tiny stood by her man through thick and thin and now she has the ring. I love black love!

The Atlanta rapper, 29, said he wanted to keep the wedding private when it did happen.

“We talked about wanting it to be our event instead of it being everyone else’s event, so we just keep it to ourselves whatever we do.”

The couple is planning a three-city celebration for their nuptials. They will wed again Saturday on a small private island near Miami. They will then return to Atlanta for a reception Saturday afternoon, before heading to Las Vegas where the party will continue.

Peep the official marriage license below.

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