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Trey Songz, the inventor himself is scheduled to release his fourth album Passion Pain & Pleasure this Tuesday September 14 after the massive success of his third album Ready. The album is appropriately titled due to the fact that Trigga Trey has turned the music industry out with his sexy songs and salacious lyrics.

Trey Songz Live Video Chat (EXCLUSIVE)

To commemorate Passion Pain & Pleasure’s release, we decided to count down “Trey Songz 9 Freakiest/Sexiest Moments” to date. We’ve included scandals, songs, performances and anything Trey you can think of!

Hold onto your panties ladies and men keep your cool (your girl isn’t really going to leave you…we hope).

Sexy Moment

9. Trey Songz goes from braids to a fade.

When Trey walked out of the barber shop as Tremaine I think heaven and earth stood still to admire how good he looked without his cornrows.

Freaky Moment

8.Trey Songz tongues down Toni Braxton and causes her divorce.

You have to be one h*ll of a man to cause a divorce between any man and Toni Braxton.

Sexy Moment

7. Trey gets tatted, oily and his guns come out to play!

The photo shoot with Maya Guez hit the Internet and caused a major meltdown among women everywhere.

Freaky Moment

6. Trey Songs pours water in fans mouth at Summer Jam 2010

Trey Songz literally sexed the stage at Summer Jam 2010. His set out shined every other artist’s show by a landslide. He even had fans fainting.

Freaky Moment

5.Trey Songz licks water off fans neck

Freaky Moment

4. Trey Songz Battles Drake at Summer Jam

“I’d like to undress you with my teeth and my tongue”

Drake and Trey bared both their freaky sides with this one. Sorry Drake, Johnson & Johnson isn’t going to cut it when you’re going up against Trigga Trey.

Freaky Moment

3. Trey Songz shows us how he performs oral sex

Every female died and went to heaven!

Sexy Moment

2.Trey Songz strips!

Trey revealed his new haircut and buff arms all in one performance.

Biggest Moment To Date

1. Trey Songz “Invents Sex…”

and then babies were born!


Trey Songz Live Video Chat (EXCLUSIVE)

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