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Yesterday, Sandra Rose posted a letter from a fan of her website who wrote in to state their disapproval of Monica’s parenting skills.

Hello Sandra,

This email is in response to your post regarding Jennifer Hudson; yes she seems like a wonderful Mother and you’re right about LaLa who is hardly ever seen with her son. However, Solange is a great mother to be so young, but please add Monica to your list of mothers who need to be more like Jennifer. Instead of Monica “Vacationing” or better yet, being a hood rat, she should be looking after her TWO KIDS.

Is she coming out with an album or a reality show soon because she’s on the blogs way to much just because she’s dating (and when I say dating, I mean screwing) a basketball player? Lets be real, Shannon is a professional basketball player that is trying to get his brand out there. He wants a shoe [contract] and a fan base like LeBron and Kobe, so why not screw a singer to get the attention he needs. However, if you ask me, he could have used a better known celeb to do that.


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When Monica got wind of the letter, she immediately took to her Twitter account:

Props to Monica for always keeping it classy!

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