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Looks like Antwaun Cook’s ex-wife is NOT giving up. She recently filed an appeal against a ruling that determined she could not sue Fantasia using North Carolina’s “Alienation of Affection” law. In my opinion, she has a GREAT argument…check out the details here:


Uh oh Fantasia. Antwaun Cook’s wife filed an appeal against the ruling that she couldn’t sue you for alienation of affection based on the fact Fantasia’s lawyer and the judge presiding over the hearing had a prior relationship they failed to disclose…

Apparently Fantasia’s lawyer also handled the judge’s own divorce case, though neither bothered to mention that fact, which goes against the North Carolina Judicial Code of Conduct.

Antwaun’s wife is crying foul saying the judge could have been biased and wants the ruling thrown out. And please believe those emails that surfaced after the ruling will come up again if there’s a new hearing

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