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Fantasia wants the world to know that she is not pregnant. Internet rumors of Fannie’s possible pregnancy started when the “American Idol” winner posted a photo of herself holding her stomach on Instagram. According to Fannie, reports of her being pregnant are just a rumor and nothing could be further from the truth! She took […]

Just days after reportedly being dumped by her alleged baby daddy Antwuan Cook, singer Fantasia is reportedly pregnant again! The “American Idol” winner seemed to confirm her pregnancy on Instagram. Fanny — who recently broke down in tears while performing in Trinidad — was just reportedly dumped by Antwuan for “Bad Girl Club” cast member […]

Wendy Williams weighed in AGAIN on the latest drama surrounding Fantasia and her alleged baby daddy Antwaun Cook. In case you missed it, Wendy put Fantasia on blast a few months ago for getting involved with a married man, and needing his financial support –saying she got herself into this mess and will likely never […]

Fantasia Barrino was caught in Barbados with old-time lover Antwuan Cook. The two were captured swimming in the ocean with Fantasia looking quite overweight. We can’t help but wonder is this a baby bump or is Fantasia letting herself go? It’s still not known whether Antwuan finalized his divorce with wife Paula Cook. As we […]

Looks like Antwaun Cook’s ex-wife is NOT giving up. She recently filed an appeal against a ruling that determined she could not sue Fantasia using North Carolina’s “Alienation of Affection” law. In my opinion, she has a GREAT argument…check out the details here:

Looks like Fantasia is not in the clear in the lawsuit that was filed against her by Paula Cook for sleeping with her husband. Click here for details.

Fantasia took the stand yesterday to testify in her ex-boyfriend Antwaun Cook’s divorce proceedings and she admitted to getting pregnant by Antwaun and aborting the baby.

"Buzz in the Streetz" Did Fantasia fake suicide attempt for her reality show? Click here for details.

Fantasia Barrino was reportedly hospitalized for a medication overdose Monday night, hours after news of a reported sex tape starring her and her married boyfriend, Antwuan Cook, made headlines.