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Another Super Bowl is logged in the record books and while none of them made me laugh as hard as last year’s “Keep Your Hands Off My Mama” spot by Doritos, these weren’t half bad. Here are our favorite $1million spots from Super Bowl XLV.

1. Volkswagen Passat, “The Force”

A little boy dressed as Darth Vader is frustrated by his inability to use “the force” until he comes across his dad’s new car. Points for making an elliptical machine look like a spaceship.

2. Eminem Chrsyler 200

Slim Shady finds a new way to rep for his home city of Detroit, Michigan.

3. Kia Optima “Epic”

When Poseidon fights with aliens over a car it must be one sweet ride.

4. Mini “Cram It In The Boot

Preface watching this with “Pause,” ” A-Yo!” or any of the your favorite deflectors of sexual innuendo but this commercial was pretty funny.

5. Doritos “House Sitting”

Didn’t everybody know that sprinkling Doritos brought things back to life? It was on the Laser Disc outtakes of Stephen Kings’ Pet Cemetery. For real. Go look.

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