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Ms. Drama sat down with Crystal Sutton (G-Dep’s) wife for a candid interview about G-Dep’s current state and the confession that landed him in jail.

During the interview, Sutton opened up about the drugs, when they started and Dep’s “enablers” during this time.

“I would take him to rehab but those places can’t hold you against your will,” she says in the video. The couple was separated at the time of his arrest. “If it wasn’t for the drugs we’d still be together.”

Crystal goes on to talk about the reaction of their children when G-Dep would come home high and how much they miss their father.

“When Travel would see them and he was high, they’d notice but they didn’t know what it was,” she begins. “They’d say ‘daddy you’re so slow.’ They understood something was not right.”

Watch the full interview below.


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