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Freeway Ricky Ross: Millionaire Mindset – Gets in depth during Reec at Hot 107.9. They talk about his multi million dollar empire, best selling novel, new ventures & turning $125 into 300 Million! Watch T.I. Talk Trump and More!

Keshia Knight Pulliam‘s drama with her ex-husband just won’t let up. Everyday, there’s a new story about the actress telling the courts why Ed Hartwell would be a horrible father. Now, Keshia is accusing her estranged husband of taking a daily cocktail of prescription drugs, which leaves him drowsy during the day. In recent court […]


Should You Tell a Friend They Have a Drug Problem if You Know They Will Get in They Feelings? #ReecQOTD Donald Trump makes more threats via Twitter…Question- Should politicians be allowed to say things in social media that could harm the entire country?? #ReecQOTD Should Janet Jackson Be Awarded $500 Million in Divorce Settlement!?! #ReecQotd […]

Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are no strangers to lawsuits, courts and police, but the latest allegations surrounding both stars are more serious than complaints from neighbors. According to TMZ, Breezy and Weezy are now reportedly targets of a federal drug investigation involving thousands of dollars of narcotics. The site reports that it all started […]

One Domino's customer got a little extra with a calling card from a drug dealer.

If you let The Weeknd tell it, he owes a lot of his success to weed and Hennessy.

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When his "compensation" was declined, he then skipped out on paying all together, according to the salon owner.

The former NBA star may have returned to his addictive behavior even harder than before.

Bobby says he once accidentally fried his chicken with cocaine at age 10.