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Last night was the third episode of Tocarra’s quest for love on TV One’s “The Ultimate Merger” starring the beautiful Tocarra. After a drama filled episode, with the guys jumping on Ron and Ron talking to himself, she piled the eligible bachelors into the elimination room to decide who would go home.

During the elimination process things got crazy! They talked about Tocarra and Jason’s kiss and the guys jumped on Jason for “kissing and telling”.  I could definitely see the jealousy in the eyes of the other guys who hadn’t had a chance to get intimate with Tocarra yet! To even the score, she spontaneously called Kevin up and kissed him which shocked everyone in the room! I was definitely surprised!

Tocarra then choose Ron and Elijah to step down into the hot seats and then asked the gentlemen who they thought should join them. After a long discussion, Tocarra called Sebastian to fill the third seat. The guys went back and forth pointing the fingers at each other deciding who should go home next. Tocarra then silenced the boys and decided to send Elijah packing!

Bye bye Elijah!

Check out Ron’s craziness here!

And be sure to catch next Thursday’s episode on TV One and tweet me during the show, I love to hear your feedback!  @xoxoSHAR

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