The Ultimate Merger

The Ultimate Merger Donald J. Trump Presents The Ultimate Merger Season 1: Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth Ray Lavender, Al B. Sure!, Charles Parker, Isaac Keys, Lyle Silva,…

Toccara Jones has found a man to love on TV One’s “The Ultimate Merger.” She ignored the advice from her father by saying goodbye to Frank and hello to Jason. See what fans are saying about Toccara’s decision here, and check out the full episode at RELATED POSTS: Toccara: “The Dates Are Getting Steamier!” 5 […]

It’s down to the final three bachelors on “The Ultimate Merger” and the home stretch of Toccara’s search for love. On this episode, the boys follow Toccara to the beach during her photo-shoot to get hot and sexy for the cameras and to see what she will look like in pictures with her potential men. […]

Last night, was another episode of TV One’s “The Ultimate Merger” starring the beautiful, Toccara. The race issue has come up a lot this season, and in this episode, the boys were forced to settle the issue alone, after Toccara couldn’t make a decision on her own. Kevin, as bold as he is,  felt that […]

Last night’s episode of “The Ultimate Merger” was definitely drama filled! Right from the beginning, the guys started off fighting, feeling disrespected and calling each other derogatory terms. After the fight, the guys headed over to the fashion show challenge which was judged by Toccara’s glam squad. The guys had 30 minutes to together a […]

Last night was the third episode of Tocarra’s quest for love on TV One’s “The Ultimate Merger” starring the beautiful Tocarra. After a drama filled episode, with the guys jumping on Ron and Ron talking to himself, she piled the eligible bachelors into the elimination room to decide who would go home. During the elimination […]

Toccara stars on Donald Trump’s latest reality show “The Ultimate Merger 2”, which premieres on TV One tonight with a special two hour episode. In true reality show fashion, two bachelors have a huge blow out. Radio One‘s @ItsYaGirlAC was joined by Elijah Connor, one of Toccara’s bachelors on the show and up and coming […]

Omarosa gave Radio One the scoop on her love life, what's she's looking for in a man, her religious influences on the show, and being in a bathing suit for the first time on national television. Click here!

If you were expecting Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth's upcoming reality show, 'The Ultimate Merger,' to be another 'Flavor of Love' or 'I Love New York' for that matter -- you've got another thing coming.