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Bria Murphy, the 21-year-old daughter of Eddie, posed in Maxim magazine’s latest issue wearing bikinis her father likely wouldn’t approve of. But as the spokesmodel for Dark and Lovely hair products, it’s clear she’s becoming her own (business) woman.

On her favorite body part:

I’m most proud of my legs right now. Sometimes it’s my stomach. But lately I’ve been getting compliments on my legs.

On her go-to drink:

I love moscato, but if I’m out partying with friends, I have to admit I like the Patrón.

On dating (and her dad):

It can be kind of nerve-racking [to meet my dad]! My dad is really cool and laid-back, and, no, he doesn’t like his daughters having boyfriends. On the other hand, he has never been disrespectful or anything. He’s always been really nice to the guys. I think everybody wants to make my dad laugh. That’s everybody’s goal. I’ve seen them succeed a few times. Not all the time.

On if she plans to follow in her father’s footsteps:

I love his comedy, but his music is really great, too, so I love them both. I’d like to do comedies and horror. I love scary movies. Whenever they come out, I’m the first one in line. I just saw Insidious. I was kicking at the screen I was so scared! I love something that’s gonna make me jump, that will freak me out. I like the whole nervousness you get.

On what she does for fun:

Six Flags is my go-to park because it has big roller coasters. I love roller coasters. I actually like waiting in line sometimes, but if my dad’s with me we can cut the line. He’s really selective about what rides he goes on, but he did almost everything with us when we went to the Harry Potter park at Universal in Florida. We weren’t disguised. But I’ve seen it get hectic before, so we have to walk fast.

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