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Seems that Lil Wayne and Baby are snatching up new artists, getting ready to saturate the industry even more with a full roster. Mind you they already have Nicki Minaj, Drake, Bow Wow, and Tyga. They recently Busta Rhymes, Mystikal and now the newest edition Christina Milian. Sources say that Lil Wayne confirmed Milian by making an announcement during Grammy weekend. (Hmmmmmm, I wonder what her baby daddy, The Dream-songwriter/producer, has to say about it).

Lil Wayne made the informal announcement this weekend while at YMCMB’s pre-Grammy party at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

“I got the beautiful Ms. Christina Milian with me tonight. Ya’ll make some noise for Ms. Christina Milian. Young Money Christina Milian!”

Christina Milian confirmed the new deal via Twitter with the statement:

“The answer is….Yes. Let’s Get To Work! I Heart You Guys.. It’s Now or Never. :*”

Her first YMCMB release dropped this morning. Titled “Mr. Valentine,” and it shows Christina giving some latin flavor while singing seductive over a pop beat. ‘I can’t wait to unwrap it. I like it like it like it..‘ Via

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Yay or Nay for  “Mr. Valentine”?

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