Drake taping into those emotions again. But this time it’s with his ex-boo stripper Maliah (you’ve seen her in his Find Your Love video, she also date rapper Sean Kingston) via Twitter. The beef started when Drake subliminally tweeted: “Sometimes I wanna tweet things like “B**ch how you stop f**kin with me and now you […]

Wow! So Kris Humphries’ about to cash out (literally) from his soon to be ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Sources say that he’s is demanding Kim to pay up $7 Million or risk a public and humiliating divorce trial. Here’s what TMZ.com is reporting: “Kris Humphries is secretly demanding $7 MILLION from Kim Kardashian to walk away […]

It’s a dang shame when people can’t have privacy even after their death. Someone will always do something disrespectful which makes leaking Whitney Houston’s photo [in casket] a disgrace!! I’m furious that someone would have no regard for Whitney or her family. But thank goodness they found the person who sold the photos from the […]

Check out a behind the scenes look of the video for Monica and Brandy’s new video “It All Belongs To Me” before it premieres Monday, March 5, 2012.  I love these two together..Get it Ladies!!!!! Shout out to www. thebrandyblog.com Get More: Monica, Monica Music Videos, Free Music Videos

YMCMB ain’t playing NO GAMES! They are definitely going for the gusto by adding stars to their artist roster. They recently signed Busta Rhymes along with Christina Milian, now they maybe adding Ashanti and rock group Limp Bizkit. Peep the BUZZ! “Birdman has made some unique signings in the past, but this one might take […]

Ahhh can you smell it? Yes, LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!! Although there were times I’ve dreaded flowers and red heart shaped balloons flying around on VALENTINES DAY, I am still a woman in LOVE with LOVE. I enjoy seeing couples walking around in pure bliss because they’ve found “that one”  to make them happy! […]

Okay so um, Nicki Minaj probably made history for the worst Grammy performance EVER! First she shows up on the red carpet with a Pope while she poses in an all red ensemble. Fast-forward to the performance, thinking Nicki would perform one of her hits and just kill it, she performed some type of demonic […]

Seems that Lil Wayne and Baby are snatching up new artists, getting ready to saturate the industry even more with a full roster. Mind you they already have Nicki Minaj, Drake, Bow Wow, and Tyga. They recently Busta Rhymes, Mystikal and now the newest edition Christina Milian. Sources say that Lil Wayne confirmed Milian by […]

Known for her crazy antics on all subjects ranging from cooking to basic dating advice, Glozell has now taken on the unconquerable cinnamon challenge!  When the cinnamon challenge is taken, most people attempt it with about a tablespoon worth….not Glozell.  She attempts the impossible with a soup ladle!  Keep in mind that the whole point […]

Here’s  hilarious video with 2.8 million views of brothers Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson I found about Ratchet, ghetto, hood females that always have something negative to say about other females. How many girls you know like this? I can name a few…lol! Peep the video for a GREAT LAUGH! ROTFL!

Looks like more drama to look forward to on the next season of Basket Ball Wives,  premieres February 20th (8/9c) on Vh1. There’s no secret that Evelyn and Jennifer are now ex-BFF’s, they made that loud and clear on twitter. Evelyn went in on Jennifer calling her out on wearing those fake purple contacts, and […]

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