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Ahhh can you smell it? Yes, LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!! Although there were times I’ve dreaded flowers and red heart shaped balloons flying around on VALENTINES DAY, I am still a woman in LOVE with LOVE. I enjoy seeing couples walking around in pure bliss because they’ve found “that one”  to make them happy! However, there are lot of single peeps out here who sit in the house looking at their four walls, sobbing because no one will send roses, daisies, not even tulips to light up their day. But cheer up ladies! I found a few guidelines to help you through it! Hope you have an enjoyable Happy Valentines Day :-)

Jazzy McBee

Cards– It may seem a little “4th grade”, but go all out with Valentine cards this year. There are really cute friendship and family cards- and it’s never the wrong time to spread a little love around to those who you care about. Feeling adventurous? Design some of your own cards. Whip out your arts and crafts box and make personalized cards for those who make you smile during this time of the year.

Bake- There’s no better time than now to practice your baking skills while also gaining a leg up in some of your relationships. Try out a new cookie recipe and throw in some heart shapes and red food coloring to stick with the season. It’s fun to do and it makes for a good ‘just because’ present.

Plan Your V-day Night: No matter how you might feel, we promise that you are not the only single lady out there. Gather up your single girls (and guys!) and plan a pot-luck. Get everyone involved by having a fun night with the people that you love.

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